It could be awesome if during this Covid-19 times you could effortlessly share a digital menu of your restaurant and clients checkout from the menu via M-Pesa.

Chezakamawewe’s does just this while increasing your following on your Facebook page. All you need to do is, create a store using   

Let us look into how this is done J

We assume that you have linked your Facebook account with the Chezakamawewe platform if not learn how to do it here.

Login into, and navigate to Ecommerce Store. When on the Ecommerce Store click the Create Store. This will trigger a form as shown below.



Select the Facebook Page from the drop-down that you want to attach to the store then enter your restaurant name on the Store Name field, and the other fields that are required. You can also track user activity by entering Facebook Pixel id and google analytics id. Save your store and

You are set to add your products from the product menu


Use the Checkout Settings, to enable and add your gateways such as M-Pesa and Paypal You don’t need to be a developer/code to add M-Pesa just add your keys as how below ensure that the payment method is enabled as well.

Ensure that the M-Pesa check is enabled for you to get paid to your pay bill or Till


On the Store Pickup title ensure that You enter “Bring to Table” or “I am at table”.



 How to generate a QR code for the QR menu for your restaurant. You can find the QR menu option under the Action. Click on the QR menu to generate QR codes, Chezakamawewe will provide two types of QR code menu, one as Facebook Messenger and another that goes directly to your store. Facebook messenger is the best option as it will provide more business insight from the clients

Let me know if you need any help call 0780310021 or email : [email protected]